[amsat-bb] Re: ECHO

Robert Bruninga bruninga@usna.edu
Fri Aug 25 15:55:41 PDT 2006

> Perhaps the TLM data could be dropped into a central database 
> such how APRS data is into APRS-IS/findu.  This could give 
> fancy reporting and alert command stations that aren't near 
> their stations to perhaps look at the next
> pass of TLM, etc if there is an issue.   Just an idea.
> 73 de Pat --- KA9SCF

Yes, problem is that all the people who write code for ECHO are
up to their necks in other work and there is not enough time to
do these nice things.  But yes, any satellite can trivially have
a global automatic web page for telemetry and all the satellite
has to do is downlink a packet in APRS telemetry format of


And that will turn into a historical graph up to the minute of
display parameters.
The FINDU web page already has a full display generator for ANY
such APRS telemety packet for any station for any application.
Nothing on the ground has to be done.  Here are two examples:



And for an example of a quick demo, here is a KPC-3+ in a box
With a solar panel on it and its 5 channels of analog telemetry
Dunked in the water as a simulated ocean buoy:


And you can see where the buoy is of course by this web page:



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