[amsat-bb] Scott Sanford to address AMSAT Symposium Attendees

Emily Clarke emily@planetemily.com
Fri Aug 25 12:33:19 PDT 2006

AMSAT is very pleased to announced that Dr. Scott Sanford, NASA 
Principle Investigator and co-director of the NASA Ames 
Astrochemistry Laboratory, has accepted our invitation to provide a 
key presentation during our tour of the Ames Exploration Center.  Dr. 
Sanford will speak on about sample return from comets and asteroids 
in general and specifically about the Stardust Sample and Return 
Mission to Comet Wild 2.

Dr. Sanford was one of the original team members to propose capturing 
dust from a comet and bringing it back to Earth. Stardust was 
launched in February 1999, and in January 2004 approached Wild 2 
within 150 miles of the nucleus, collecting samples and capturing 
detailed imagery of the comet's surface. On January 15th 2006 
Stardust re-entered the Earth's atmosphere and successfully completed 
it's mission after landing in the salt flats of northwestern Utah.

For Dr. Sanford, the investigation is just beginning as he and a team 
of 180 other scientists are hard at work to analyze the Stardust 
samples. This team will likely spend years unlocking secrets from the 
samples.  Their efforts will lead to a better understanding about the 
formation of our solar system and perhaps even the origin of life on 
Earth and elsewhere in the Solar System.

So be sure to join us Sunday afternoon for what promises to be an 
exciting event.  There is no charge for visiting the Ames Exploration 
Center or attending Dr. Sanford's presentation.  Round trip bus 
transportation from the Symposium Venue to Ames is available and 
costs $14.  You can register for the bus online through the AMSAT store.

The 2006 Space Symposium will be a joint meeting with the ARISS 
International Delegates and will also include the IARU Satellite 
Advisory Panel annual meeting, and a meeting of AMSAT International 
Delegates.   For additional information please visit the AMSAT 
website at http://www.amsat.org. Click on the 2006 Space Symposium 
link in the left side menu.

This year you can register for the Space Symposium online.  Online 
Registration can be found at http://www.amsat-na.com/symposium


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