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Amir Findling sarlabs@twcny.rr.com
Fri Aug 25 09:07:14 PDT 2006

Hi Patrick:

I work solely wit an HT, a Kenwood TH-D7AG nowadays, and either an Arrow 
antenna or an Elk antenna, no pre-amp whatsoever. I have no complaints 
about the reception of AO-51. I hear it loud and clear and I have had 
long distance contacts, all the way to the west coast, Guadeloupe, 
Venezuela and yet unconfirmed ones to Mexico and Guatemala and many 
shorter distance ones. To me this may suggest that the problem is not in 
the downlink power from Echo but somewhere on your side.

If anything, I found out lately  that I now can work lower passes than I 
ever was able to. This seems to match the date when I started working 
the Kenwood TH-D7AG which I believe is more sensitive on Rx than the 
Yaesu VX-7 that I used before. I've worked passes at 7 degrees now 
whereas before 12 degrees was the best I could do from not from my QTH, 
but hoofing it as high as I could uphill. Canopy is still up so that is 
not a factor yet.

And I do live in the country so I may be lucky there according to Pat's 

McGrane wrote:
> greetings
> I would like to report very poor reception of echo even with an 8 element
> yagi and an 18 Db preamp. I assume the downlink power is real flea power
> for battery charging or other testing.
> 73, patrick N2OEQ 32323  


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