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Emily Clarke emily@planetemily.com
Thu Aug 24 21:12:01 PDT 2006

At 06:17 PM 8/24/2006, Another member wrote with an excellent question

>I have looked and have not found the AMS discount code anywhere. I 
>have made my reservations through the web site as directed and got a 
>rate of $109. I made the reservation under my wife's name so that 
>she get the points under her priority club number.  Is that the right amount?

Yes (member), that is the correct amount.  The AMS Code is 
automatically applied and can be found under the "Corporate, Group 
and IATA Identification (Optional)" field if you expand it by 
clicking on the Plus sign.  AMS shows up in the "Group Booking Code" 
field.  It's probably a good thing to check, but thus far there has 
been no problems with the 6 or 7 browsers I've tested.

If you are calling the hotel or toll free number you need to mention 
the AMS code when you book.

(In So Far As I Know) It doesn't matter who's points number you enter 
and I think in the last three years I've only been asked for my card 
once.  But if you have any questions about that please contact the 
Intercontinental Hotels Group (Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, 
Intercontinental, etc.) Priority Club customer service for specific 
information.  Depending on your club membership (Member, Gold, Elite) 
that number is different - please consult your membership information.

One thing I can tell you is that if your spouse has a Priority Club 
number, and you have a different one, you can combine points when you 
go to redeem them.



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