[amsat-bb] Re: Noise problem

Roger Kolakowski rogerkola@aol.com
Wed Aug 23 11:00:45 PDT 2006

There are websites that will convert your CW to ringtones FOR FREE....one
guy went as far as assigning all his "friends and family" individual
ringtones of their names in CW...his reasoning?

"that way I know who it is before I pick up the phone..."

Let's see...how to satellite relate this...you could set your station to
dial your cell during satellite passes and pass the audio to you wherever
you are. A CW ringtone would signify it was your satellite computer calling
you...not a person.

Anyone up for writing the software?


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> Many Nokia cell phones' "Loud and Long" ring tone setting sends
> "Connecting People" in 5 WPM CW.
> Always wondered the history behind that... hams at Nokia?  :-)
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