[amsat-bb] PCSAT2 special Operations Event Update

Robert Bruninga bruninga@usna.edu
Mon Aug 21 17:21:56 PDT 2006

PCSAT2 SPECIAL OPERATIONS RESUME.  Operations were suspended
When PCSAT2 ran out of sunlight on ISS on the 15th.  Operations 
resumed after ISS changed attitude to XPOP on the 18th.

> From: Robert Bruninga [mailto:bruninga@usna.edu] 
> Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 8:41 AM
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Subj:  ISS Packet =>VOICE Contacts:
> For the remaining days of 
> PCSAT2's operation on ISS, PCSAT2 will be configured for 
> VOICE response to normal packets transmitted via  the normal 
> ISS digipeater 145.99 uplink / 145.800 downlink.  The command 
> station's voice downlink will be on 437.975 +/- Doppler and 
> he/she will attempt to acknowledge  by voice all packets 
> seen on the packet uplink or generally chat about the system.
> The UHF downlink will be weak (only 1 Watt) and being UHF 
> (9dB worse than 2m), will need at least a small beam to hear
> Users who want to participate, simply send your packets as 
> normal VIA ARISS on 145.99 uplink / 145.800 downlink, but 
> listen on the 437.975 downlink for the combined voice and 
> packets.  This will only work when
> PCSAT2 is in range of a participating command station and 
> there is no guarantee that all command stations will be 
> available on  any given pass.  In otherwords, this may be 
> rare, but fun.
> Right now, passes in the Northern Hemisphere are occuring 
> in the evening.  Passes in the Southern Hemisphere right 
> now are from midday.
> Best thing to do is simply monitor 437.975 during ISS passes 
> and if you hear a command station, then send us a 'hello'
> packet via the  ISS (or PCSAT2) digipeater.
> The PCSAT2 Packet system on 145.825 up and 435.275 is also 
> operational as well as the 10m to 435.275 transponder (for
> power attempts on 29.401 MHz)...  Just connect to PCSAT2 on
> 145.825 to bring up the transponder.  Still no reports of
> anyone attteempting it or being successful.
> de WB4APR
> US Naval Academy Satellite Station

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