[amsat-bb] Re: Yaesu FT-100D and Satellites

Anthony Monteiro aa2tx@comcast.net
Wed Aug 16 18:28:07 PDT 2006

At 02:12 PM 8/16/2006 -0400, Luciano G\. Nachif wrote:

>Hi folks!
>I would like to get in contact with those who have been working the easy 
>sats with a FT-100D.
>I sold my Icom IC-W32A and from now on will use the above mentioned gear 
>to work whatever I can.
>I heard about a software that would make things easier if a satellite 
>radio isn't available.
>I thank you in advance.
>Luciano Gasparini
>       PT9KK

Hi Luciano,

I have used a laptop running InstantTrack and InstantTune
to control an FT-100 in my car to operate satellite mobile.
This worked pretty well on SSB and FM LEO satellites
using just the matching ATAS-100 antenna.

InstantTrack is available for a modest price from AMSAT at:

InstantTune is available for free from AMSAT's software archive at:

I am also working on a driver for the IC-706MK2G that
would work in a similar fashion to make it easy to
operate on the LEO satellites with just the one radio
but it is not quite finished yet.

73 and best satellite DX,
Tony AA2TX

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