[amsat-bb] Re: ATTEN: Paul Williamson KB5MU

Paul Williamson kb5mu@amsat.org
Wed Aug 16 14:58:35 PDT 2006

At 1:13 PM -0500 8/16/06, Greg Higgins wrote:
>The new amsat mailer has blocked ALL of my previous messages when
>addressed to kb5mu@amsat.org. Please provide an alternative e-mail
>address and I'll try to send you the information you asked for in
>regards to the multiple messages. Thanks!

If others are having problems and can't report them to me at amsat.org,
you can email me at kb5mu@san.rr.com

At the moment the problem seems to be only with sbcglobal.net addresses.
Possibly other Yahoo and Prodigy users are also served by the same systems.
If you're on some other system and having trouble with amsat.org email,
please let me know.

73  -Paul

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