[sarex] David Taylor W8AAS Appointed AMSAT's US Delegate to ARISS-International

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David Taylor W8AAS Appointed AMSAT's US Delegate to ARISS-International

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 241.04
August 29, 2010
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AMSAT President Barry Baines, WD4ASW has appointed David Taylor, 
W8AAS of Columbia, MD as AMSAT's US delegate to ARISS-International 
(ARISS-I).  Dave replaces Barry Baines, WD4ASW who was holding the 
position temporarily following the resignation of Will Marchant, 
WC6ROL in 2009.  ARISS is 'Amateur Radio on the International Space 

Barry noted, "I am pleased to appoint Dave, W8AAS as our new ARISS-
International delegate. Dave has extensive experience with the ARISS 
program, having participated as a trainer and procedure writer, ground 
station operator, school contact mentor and operations coordinator. 
His extensive knowledge of day-to-day operations of ARISS coupled with 
his exposure to the workings of ARISS-I as an observer as well as sup-
porting the efforts of past AMSAT human spaceflight activities makes 
him well qualified to serve as AMSAT's representative and advocate for 
amateur radio in space."

Dave was first licensed in 1970 and has been involved with SAREX/ARISS 
since 2000.  He holds an Extra Class amateur radio license.  

ARISS-I is a working group consisting of a consortium of national 
amateur radio organizations and AMSAT organizations of the host 
countries represented on the International Space Station. ARISS-I 
serves as the 'unified voice of amateur radio' in working with the 
space agencies that manage the ISS.  Since ARISS is international 
in scope, the team coordinates locally with their respective space 
agency (e.g. ESA, NASA, JAXA, CSA, and the Russian Space Agency) 
and as an international team through ARISS working group meetings, 
teleconferences and through electronic mail.  
In North America, the US delegates are Rosalie White, K1STO (appoint-
ed by the ARRL) and David Taylor, W8AAS (appointed by AMSAT). The 
Canadian delegates are Daniel Lamoureux, VE2KA (appointed by Radio 
Amateurs of Canada) and Maurice-André Vigneault, VE3VIG (appointed 
by AMSAT).  In addition there are four European delegates, two Japan-
ese delegates, and two Russian delegates.  The Chairman of ARRIS-I 
is Gaston Bertels, ON4WF.  

Information on the activities of ARISS can be found at:  

[ANS thanks AMSAT President Barry Baines, WD4ASW and ARISS-International
 for the above information]


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