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Dee morsesat at optonline.net
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Believe it or not... After flying the flag for AMSAT at several recent
This question came up a lot.  Of course I answered that they are extremely
busy, however,
I also said that it was up to the astonauts time off and their personal
interest of ham radio.
I think the time to get astonauts and cosmonauts interested is before they
go into space.  They have to get the
"bug!"   They need to be brought to local clubs and introduced to local
repeaters and groups that get together at 
Hamfests for the sake of Ham Radio.  They can get an earful and become
interested enough to orbit around the world
Giving the thrill of speaking to the ISS to the thousands that await a
"Casual QSO.!" 
Dee, NB2F

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How about letting us know why there are no casual contacts anymore and only
rehearsed and choreographed public shows.
I read many times about how busy the astronauts are but it is glaringly
apparent they have no interest or are refraining from unrehearsed contacts.
They could at least turn on the cross band repeater. The navy had enough
control over the amateur radio with the packet.
Frankly, I am personally no longer interested in talking to the astronauts
but the repeater was a lot of fun.
Someone please make it happen.

A mere citizen


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