[sarex] Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule as of 2010-06-22 02:00 UTC

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Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule as of 2010-06-22 02:00 UTC
Quick list of scheduled contacts and events:
Russian school contact, direct via RW3WWW/6 (***)
2010-06-22 20:15 UTC
Asahi Manabiya, Owariasahi, Aichi, Japan,  direct via 8N2OA
Contact is a go for: Wed 2010-06-23 13:01:10 UTC 22 deg (***)
Russian school contact, direct via TBD
2010-06-25 16:58 UTC
Russian school contact, direct via TBD
2010-06-27 16:18 UTC
Quebec Rangers, Southern Quebec, Canada, via ON4ISS
Contact is a go for: Fri 2010-07-02 19:45:05 UTC 89 deg
Note, all times are approximate.  It is recommended that you do your own orbital prediction or start listening about 10 minutes before the listed time. 
Total number of ARISS ISS to earth school contacts is 541. 
Total number of ARISS supported terrestrial contacts is 33.
Lately there have been some comments on the various bulletin boards about having general contacts or leaving the packet or crossband repeater on.  Remember that ARISS is a guest onboard the ISS and if the crew elects to not turn something on or to operate, then that is their decision.  ARISS can only suggest; never demand. 

QSL information may be found at:   

ISS callsigns:  DP0ISS, NA1SS, OR4ISS, RS0ISS


The complete schedule page has been updated as of 2010-06-22 02:00 UTC. (***)

Here you will find a listing of all scheduled school contacts, and 
questions, other ISS related websites, IRLP and Echolink websites, and 
instructions for any contact that may be streamed live.  
http://www.amsat.org/amsat/ariss/news/arissnews.rtf (note change of file type)

The successful school list has been updated as of 2010-06-08 04:30 UTC.

Frequency  chart for packet, voice, and crossband repeater modes showing 
Doppler correction  as of 2005-07-29 04:00  UTC

Listing  of ARISS related magazine articles as of 2006-07-10 03:30 UTC:


There  have been rumors in the past indicating that the ISS was having 
direct contacts  on the 40 meter band.  There is no HF radio equipment on board 
and available yet.  The HF antenna is mounted.  Sometimes WA3NAN will 
retransmit shuttle audio.


Exp. 23 on orbit
Aleksandr Skvortsov
Mikhail Korniyenko RN3BF
Tracy E. Caldwell KF5DBF
Exp. 24 on orbit (***)
Yurchikhin RN3FI
Douglas H. Wheelock KF5BOC
Shannon Walker KD5DXB

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
One of the ARISS operation team mentors

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