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> December 14, 2009
> 3 February 2006, cosmonaut Valery IvanovichTokarev hand launched the 
> Amateur Radio satellite SuitSat-1 from the ISS during an EVA (Extra 
> Vehicular Activity = Spacewalk).
> SuitSat-1 was a very special Amateur Radio satellite. A discarded 
> Russian ORLAN Space Suit (in Russian a "Skafander") was equipped with 
> an Amateur Radio transmitter, which transmitted telemetry and 
> greetings from youngsters to the youth of the world in several 
> languages.
> In 2010, an Amateur Radio satellite will once more be hand launched 
> from the International Space Station. It will be called ARISSat-1.
> ARISSat-1 will again transmit messages recorded by students. 
> Moreover, teachers and students are invited to fly a file aboard this 
> amateur radio satellite.
> The ARISSat-1 Team wishes to include on our new satellite a memory 
> stick of files prepared by students.  This should be a jpg or pdf of 
> things the student has prepared such as a paper or a study done on a 
> STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) topic, a drawing of 
> space craft or a schematic, a journal kept on a STEM topic, a story 
> or news article about a STEM subject, a photo of the class doing a 
> hands-on STEM activity -- that type of thing.
> Having the student's work be a part of ARISSat-1 means the student is 
> a part of the satellite project and along for the spacewalk and 
> deployment of ARISSat-1.
> Readers of this Bulletin are invited to approach teachers and 
> students and draw their attention on this opportunity to participate 
> directly to a space flight for the honor of being part of space 
> activities.
> Dave Jordan, AA4KN, will take delivery of these files and copy them 
> onto a memory stick, plus make them available on the web for anyone 
> to see. The quantity of files and the size of a file are unlimited 
> since memory sticks provide for a very large amount of file space.
> Files should be either .JPG or .PDF  -- no Word documents, please.
> Please send files to Dave Jordan's address -- aa4kn at amsat.org.
> He will look at all of them for content appropriate to students.
> Files can be in any language as long as an English translation is 
> also included as a text file.
> Wishing You every Happiness this Holiday Season and Throughout the 
> Coming Year.
> 73
> Gaston Bertels - ON4WF
> ARISS Chairman
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