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Luc Leblanc lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
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On 26 Nov 2009 at 15:28, Louis McFadin wrote:

My commenting in the text Louis

> Luc,
> The ARISS VHF/UHF antennas were funded entirely by AMSAT-NA and some volunteers. Would you you like to join the ranks of those who contributed? If so you know how to contact Martha.

I already contribute in 2007 you can check the whole donator's list at:  http://www.ariss-eu.org/donations.htm

Jim Jerzycke	                47,70	
Luc Leblanc VE2DWE	18,87	
Paul Lenhar II	                18,87

> What are you implying here?

Nothing else to try to understand where my money was used for before send any more monetary contribution to ARISS or to any other group 
including AMSAT-NA.

> Of course you seemed to miss the part about the V and U antennas and the "and volunteers" as opposed to the L& S antennas which were a separate project conducted by the ARISS Europe team.

It is why i want to get explanations read this article from ARISS europe: http://www.ariss-eu.org/columbus.htm

Especially theses parts:

it was agreed to work on UHF, L-band and S-band antennas, VHF being too large to accommodate on the Meteorite Debris Panels (MDP) which 
protect Columbus ´ hull.

"September 25 th, 2007 ARISS 41-42-43 antennas were successfully submitted to vibrations tests in Germany and ESA decided installation on 
Columbus .

October 9 th and 10 th ,2007 ARISS 41 and ARISS 43 were installed on Columbus in the high bay of the Kennedy Space Center . October 12 th 
the electrical properties of cables and antennas have been tested and validated.

In the week of October 15, qualification antenna ARISS 42 was successfully submitted to thermal tests in vacuum chamber in the Netherlands 

ARISS 42 will also be submitted to detailed efficiency tests to determine the precise electromagnetic characteristics of the antennas.

Since September 2005, the Columbus working group has met 17 times per teleconference. These meetings will now intensify in order to 
finalize the project for the onboard ARISS equipment. The intention is to build a wideband transponder, L-band uplink, S-band downlink. 
Moreover, digital ATV is also thought of. Anyway, among many other aspects, equipment volume, weight, power consumption and heat budget are 
to be discussed with ESA and EADS." 

> The L & S antennas were especially difficult since they had to withstand the launch environment of the Shuttle payload bay. I think the > >ARISS Europe team overcame very difficult obstacles including 
>technical and financial. They are to be commended for their work and tenacity.

Correct me if i'm wrong Louis with this new U/V antenna there is already an L/S antenna installed on Columbus by ARISS-EU? As there is 
actually another set of U/V antenna installed long ago on ISS and serving for packet and ARISS contact sessions and for the cross band 
repeater? The former ARISS-EU antenna project was abandoned due to various factor and remain on Columbus  the L/S antennas and the last U/V 
installed this week? 

>The operative thing here is performance and achievement rather than talk.

That's AMSAT-NA old rhetoric again Louis just start to set aside this close mentality where as soon as someone is asking for explanations 
he's only getting harsh commenting and aggressive answers. If you feel threaten by what i wrote you are probably aware of facts that i'm 
not aware of...

>From an outsider it look's like as any ARISS group is working on projects at will without any coordination as you wrote "as opposed to the 
L& S antennas which were a separate project conducted by the ARISS Europe team." Is there any way to have someone in charge in ARISS lets 
say a chief or a captain who can just make's us understand how things are working at ARISS? Not you as you seems to managed the US ARISS 
hardware only!

> What are you implying here? You asked!

Why not adding theses line on the AMSAT-NA web page "ARISS Europe team overcame very difficult obstacles including 
technical and financial. They are to be commended for their work and tenacity" failing to do so at the first place just make's ARISS look 
like a body with no heads where each members are competing instead of cooperating.

On your AMSAT web page text you wrote "This antenna project was funded entirely by AMSAT-NA and volunteers" and "who built the antennas for 
both an ESA experiment and for ARISS" The ESA experiment is i guess the AIS antenna but not a single word about the ARISS-EU work, It came 
out only after i post my text...

> What are you implying here? You asked!


ARISS is an international funded group if one of their members wants to get all the credit fine 
but a minimal amount of respect should not be mandatory to have a leading position at

I understand you are the ARISS US hardware manager who is working on the ESA Columbus module amateur radio antenna.  ARISS-EU was asking 
for money in 2007 what i want to know is "In short WHERE MY MONEY GOES? is it too much asking to know what ARISS do with theses donations"?

If it goes in the bit bucket just confirm it! At least they pioneering the actual ARISS-US work in some sort. Why don't mentioning there 
works first in your text? Even if their money was going in the bit bucket those in this list : http://www.ariss-eu.org/donations.htm should 
probably be concern with your commenting  "operative thing here is performance and achievement rather than talk" They finally just give 
money on a project they believe in...

I wrote in my previous post:

"There is no mention of it in this AMSAT-NA going back to space new deal as if they are in a closed shell or
as they are shrinking on themselves. It is a sign of the time"

Should i conclude this trend is now extending to ARISS?  Just for the sake of clarity ARISS in not supposed to mean :Amateur Radio 
INTERNATIONAL space station?

Who is speaking for the head? YOU?

How AMSAT-NA or ARISS will be able to ask for money AGAIN when nobody is able to justify the donations made by some international amateur 
radio operators and groups.

If you speak for all the international ARISS group it's fine to used ARISS but here "The new ARISS antenna is very similar to the antennas 
already on the Russian service module" could be "new ARISS US" will a better CHOICE OF WORDS?

If you still don't get it just put some of your sentences back to back:

ARISS US Hardware Manager....This antenna project was funded entirely by AMSAT-NA and volunteers....The new ARISS antenna is very 

Not a single word on ARISS-EU...btw

> What are you implying here? You asked!....

Correct me if i'm wrong when i say BAD WORDS CHOICES...

P.S. The devil is in the details.


Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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