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> Hello all AO-7 fans 
> I just recently worked Ari-TF3ARI.  After several emails and a few false starts we connected on old AO-7.  
The footprint from TF will cover most of the U.S.!  Another good reason to get on old AO-7! 
> I'm sure he will eventually get to meet most of the "regulars". 
> 73 Bob W7LRD 
> Washington State AMSAT area coordinator 
Hi Bob

i'm asking myself a couple of questions that i will share with you all.

We can all deduct from your experience that a higher orbit increased the earth footprint. Adding more and more low orbit sat will not help 
any US continental operator to extend their contact zone beyond North America condemning them to continental QSO'S.

When AMSAT-NA Says "We're Going Back to Space  to add to the popular low-earth orbit FM transponder fleet" are they misleading their 
membership or are they using the wrong words? as the definition of "popular" is something favoured by an individual or limited group does 
not implies it is so popular for the vast majority of another group.

If this "Going back to space" is only mean "allowing hams to continue to use their existing handheld and portable antenna systems" 
regardless of their communication range. It should also be stated clearly.  As it was written on the AMSAT-NA web page "This also continues 
the accessible entry path for new satellite operators to get started." it should also be clearly stated it will be not only an accessible 
entry path but the only one path for them condemning them in an "entry class" forever when they are used to world-wide contacts on HF and 

If the attraction pole is only focused on an entry class satellite and on the the replacement of the existing FM satellites fleet who are 
starting to show their age.  can we say it is a poor man choice? Yes it's fun to chase grids and roving along the roads making them 
available but fox hunting can be as rewarded too as geo caching is!  What is the next step after the "entry class"? The void?

Any short term vision can only lead to short term endeavour, it's a way to buy some time making by analogy a bunch of people playing in 
their small backyard where there is only one 2 places swing set. It is a disaster recipe in a small backyard full of children developing 
more frustration than the playing benefits. Can we extend this analogy to this "Going back to space"  IMHO a bad choice of words.

Again it is only my own questioning triggered by an already existing world-wide class satellite project called P3E. There is no mention of 
it in this AMSAT-NA going back to space new deal as if they are in a closed shell or as they are shrinking on themselves. It is a sign of 
the time it is so nice in our lazy boy the easy way some will probably says the only one way depending of their state on mind and will.


Speaking of bad words choices what about the new  Ham Antenna Installed on the ISS Columbus Module quote "Lou congratulated the team, "This 
is an example of what can be achieved by volunteer hams working closely with a space agency. This antenna project was funded entirely by 

That's fine but i remember sending some $$ in 2007 as donations where urgently Needed to Get ISS Columbus Module Amateur Radio-Ready. At 
the time they called for money quote "The total project cost is 80,000 Euros (approximately $106,500). Amateur Radio on the International 
Space Station (ARISS) Vice Chairman Gaston Bertels, ON4WF, says a payment of 9000 Euros (approximately $12,000) is due this month. ARISS-
Europe remains 4000 Euros (approximately $5330) shy of that goal, however, and time is short to have it in place. 

You can read the whole article on:     http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2007/03/21/100/?nc=1

A bank account was also open:

"Bank Account Established

AMSAT-Belgium has set up a bank account to receive donations toward equipping the module with the necessary ham radio antennas. "

Is the money goes into the bit bucket? How someone representing ARISS can say "This antenna project was funded entirely by AMSAT-NA" An 
explanation is in order here by the writer or by some official in the  ARISS group? Again it's not a question about misleading the crowds 
but a question of basic plain honesty... ARISS is an international funded group if one of their members wants to get all the credit fine 
but a minimal amount of respect should not be mandatory to have a leading position at ARISS?

I already wrote on the same subject but ARISS or AMSAT-NA remain strangely silent even if i posted the text on AMSAT-EU satellite group a 
loud silence remain on this subject. Could be some are sleeping on the switch could be this jolt will awaken them?

In short WHERE MY MONEY GOES? the amateur satellite community is asking for money in a constant and quite aggressive way some times is it 
too much asking to know what they do with theses donations? as someone in US says only AMSAT-NA is paying for the antennas!!!



Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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