[sarex] Tracking program for multi viewers

Tony, VK5ZAI hutch at electric-web.org
Fri Nov 20 21:35:31 PST 2009

Hello All,
Does anyone know of a satellite tracking program that will give a 
printout for multi-viewers on a single satellite. No graphics 
required.   I require a program that I can enter the call-sign and 
co-ords of approx 12 locations around the world and have it print out 
the date and time in utc when the ISS is within range, preferably give 
me AOS and LOS as well as max deg. elevation at each site.
Please reply direct. Thanks All.

Best Regards,
Tony.  VK5ZAI

J.A.(Tony) Hutchison.
P.O.Box 470 Kingston SE.
South Australia.  5275

Australian ARISS Co-ordinator
and  ISS Telebridge Station

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