[sarex] Re: Don't Send SuitSat2 to ISS

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Aug 21 18:56:04 PDT 2009

> Don’t Fly Suit-Sat to the 
> International Space Station

Nothing in amateur radio has ever been accomplished by the naysayers and armchair lawyers and wannabee's and dreamers that spend their time trying to tear down and stop what others are trying to accomplish.  Amateur radio and ANY volunteer organization simply doesn't work that way.  The only thing that accomplishes anything are individuals that are individually motivated and work on things to their own motivation and make forward progress.

No amount of criciicm, or alternates, or complaining every accomplishes anything forward.  The only effective thing it accomplishes often is the "dooers" just give up in frustration at all the ankle biters, and move on to other things.

In my 45 years of amateur radio I learned well the lesson from Paul Rinaldo W4RI when he lead the AMRAD group in the development of AX.25 in the USA.  He said it simply... Either help with those that are making progress, or GET OUT OF THE WAY! 

He viewed his job as president to make sure all the bright minds and able-bodied workers had everything they needed to make progress and also he worked to fight off the naysayers, and kibitzers and keep them from discouraging and holding things back or trying to redirect the effort to naught.

When all the work is being done by VOLUNTEERS who are self motivated, there is usually no amount of kibitzing or re-directing or complaining that will make ANY FORWARD progress.  The only possible outcome is that those DOERS just quit out of frustration.

I say again, either build it yourself, or give support to those that do, or just shut up and get out of the way.  No volunteer is motivated by all the whining and "why dont you do it my way" kind of kibitzing.  If you want it done another way, then start from scratch and do it yourself your way, and we wish you every success.  ANY ACCOMPLISHMENT in Amateur Radio (an all volunter service) should be praised.

ANy ideas on how to do it differently should only serve as a self motivator to get out and do it that way yourself.  Then others should praise you for your accomplishment.  But NEVER do it at the EXPENSE OF OTHERS!

I have never seen such a distracting, self-serving and destructive proposal as this...

> We need your help to convince NASA, 
> ESA and RSA to send more Long term 
> educational projects to ISS and to 
> not send short term disposable Toss-
> Satellites projects such as the 
> Suit-Sat-2 to ISS.

Now let me see.  It shouldnt be hard at all to "convince" any bureaucrat who is working 12 hour days and has all the stress of the space business to NOT fly something!  He will be more than happy to NOT fly something, just so he has one less thing to worry about.  But it is about 100 times harder to "convince" that same bureaucrat to then re-direct hi energies to some new wannabee idea...

What was accomplished?  Simply nonthing, but the waste of a large number of AMSAT Volunteers efforts over the last year to feed the ego of a few...

> In this document I will go over several 
> reasons why Suit-Sat-2 is the wrong 
> project for the ISS...

Nothing that is making progress is the wrong project, just because it might, be, or shoulda, or coulda been done diffrently with 20/20 hindsight.

> This is an open letter to representatives 
> of the organizations and technical communities, 
> including: NASA, European Space Agency, 
> Russian Space Agency, AMSAT, ARISS, ARRL, 
> Amateur Radio community and the Short Wave 
> Listener community.

And is a flagrant display of a loose cannon on deck dstroying the work, effort and progress of dedicated volunteers.

> The Orbit of the ISS is approximately 
> 250 miles (350 kilometers)... and
> Suit-Sat-2... will burn up in 6-12 months.  

Yes, but you take what is avaialble.  The Naval Academy has taken such low orbits for 5 of its 6 satellites and the amateur radio community has BENEFITTED from these short missions...

> Suit-Sat-2 needs to be in a high orbit 
> such as the common 700-800 km orbit, 

Duh... of course, every ham satellite would love to be in that orbit, but it is not WISHES that get one to space, it is LAUNCH OPPORTUNITIES...  and the ISS has NONE, zip-squat-sero launches there!  And  you are talking to the ISS team!  An absolute waste of time, other than your negativism that only destroys our existing opportunities to 350 km!

> Reason #4:  Suit-Sat-2 needs a new container:

Well, duh... when you lose the spacesuit, then yes, you have to build a new enclosure...

> The Ariss Hardware team now needs to ...
> redesign.... This will not be a simple task.


> Reason #5: Launch Date January 2010:

So GET OUT OF THE WAY!  FOr those not in the space business that think you just walk in with a payload and hand it over,   That is an extemely hard deadline to meet.

> We need more "Longer" term projects on 
> ISS that reach a greater audience.

Yes, and I need more money, more time, more radios, a new car, and a nice new house... but I dont see ANYTHING in this proposal that accomplishes ANYTHING towards a viable project...

> Short term projects such as ... Suit-Sat-2
> are a waist of a very valuable ISS resource.

Ah, so your attempt at blocking progress on Suitsat with dreams is somehow going to magically get you a launch of some imginary new pet project into a dream orbit?

> Let’s go for the long term Plan.
> I believe that the Suit-Sat-2 project 
> can be boxed up and made viable for 
> launches in the 2013 time frame.  

I have a better idea.  Let the Suitsat volunteers proceed with 100% of  your full support and then start working on your own dream-box for the 2013 time frame!  Remember, its WHO does the work determines WHAT gets built.  Not a bunch of poison emails...

> The AMSAT Corporation and ARISS should 
> start looking for higher altitude unmanned 
> rockets in that time frame to place 
> Suit-Sat-2 in a more functional orbit.

Duh!  I cant blieve such a stupid and naive statement.  What on earth do you think the "AMSAT" and ARISS" guys do, but work and dig, and follow every possible hint of a launch opportunity.  They have been doing that for 20 years!  Such opportunities are extemely rare, and you bet that if any are or will come available, then volunteers will step forward to move out...  just GET OUT OF THE WAY...

> Long Term Project Suggestions:

We dont need suggestions, we need LAUNCHES.

Don't derail anything in progress.  If you have better ideas, then start working on them.  Just get out of the way of those that are currently working on their own labors of love (that benefit us all)...

Bob, Wb4APR

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