[sarex] Re: [ARISS-press] Upcoming ARISS contact with Chanute Air Museum, Rantoul, Illinois

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This reply is seriously old as the event with the Ill. scouts took place July 19.
Did this email get stuck somewhere for all that time?

Kenneth - N5VHO

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Are the kids able to ask questions?  That's a good list for sure.  I was
under the impression that there will be a pool of questions from Scouts
in advance and only a select number was to be taken resulting in only a
few being chosen to contact and ask their question.  This would provide
for an orderly list of contacts so that we don't have a traffic jam
trying to get to talk to the ISS crew.  I was under the impression that
if we do not have an approved scout with an approved question we will
just monitor the radio traffic as the ISS passes.  Could someone clarify
the intent and procedures here?  We don't want to try and transmit if we
are not supposed to.  Any guidelines from the JOTA Masters?  "May the
Force Be With You!"

Dan Howard


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