[sarex] Re: FW: AMSAT-BB Digest, Vol 4, Issue 401

listas_ct1eat at sapo.pt listas_ct1eat at sapo.pt
Sun Aug 16 05:03:13 PDT 2009

G'day Norm and all

> Whilst ARISS may be a diplomatic and
> administrative success, in terms of delivering
> results it has been an abject failure. From a
> users point of view the only project that works as
> advertised is the schools contact project.

With all respect, I think this is a very unfortune,
unpleasent, unfare and inacurate statement.
Either you have second intentions, or you have
wrong information. The hundrents (maybe
thousands?) hams who have made a random
QSO can explain you why.
I know that every ham on earth wish everytime
they tune ISS frequency and call, an astrounaut
reply back. Unfortunatly, that's not possible.
Nobody advertise that would ever happen, simply
because it will not. So, track every pass you can,
and one day you will have an oportunity too.
Just don't expect ISS hams will be like on MIR days
because time has changed. Astrounauts now also
have internet, and like most hams, spend more time
comunicating there than on the radio.
Last, but certanly not least, maybe someone else can
do better than actual ARISS teams, but I totally support
them, and have fully confidence that they are doing the
best they can for the beneffit of all of us, even without
the proper comunity recognition.

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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