[sarex] ariss

Thomas McGrane n2oeq at aceweb.com
Sat Aug 15 23:05:51 PDT 2009

Hello miles and mr. bruninga

Both messages stated the reality of the ariss program. Miles has been 
very zealous in his interest in furthering Ariss activity and bruninga 
has had overwhelming influence with ariss. I view miles as the citizen 
and bruninga as the military. Its clear to me who really has control 
over the space program. 

Mr. Bruninga, that was a pretty sharp attack on miles by someone who 
already is in control. I was surprised to read your reference to the 
church and prayer. God wrote "Thou shalt not kill" and you are teaching 
people to kill. I'm confused! How about a life change and promote 
peaceful relations through communication. 

By the way, I figure those somalian pirates are just like us, 
bucanneers in search of the almighty buck.

Lets remember, its called the INTERNATIONAL space station.
Many people have a say in what happens on it, not just us.

Take care, pat

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