[sarex] Re: Fix ISS ham projects, Replace ARISS

Norm, VK3XCI vk3xci at aanet.com.au
Sat Aug 15 18:59:30 PDT 2009


Before I get my boots muddy and face burnt!
1...My first satellite contact was AO-7 so I've 
been at it a while
2...I remember AR on MIR very fondly. It worked 
and was dependable.
3...Packet and SSTV are my primary interests.

I must confess to some ignorance of the structure 
of ARISS, particularly the upper echelons, or is 
it all upper echelon? Whatever, the success rate 
of the present configuration is not good. If 
you're not doing a scheduled voice school contact 
  then you're out in the cold.

Miles has detailed a very sorry tale of missed 
(hardware)opportunities, and if all is in fact as 
he has stated it is a damning indictment! It would 
appear that those whom we trusted to look after 
ALL our interests have let us down badly.

In that case I would support changes in the 
structure of ARISS, conditional on wringing some 
improvement in the status quo, rather than change 
for change's or ego's sake.

73 de Norm, VK3XCI
Mildura, Australia
The Wintersun City

MM wrote:
> Marex 
> Miles Mann WF1F
> Marex
> wf1f at marexmg.org
> Aug 15,2009
> Dear ARISS supporters:
> I am writing to you because of the extremely poor track record that ARISS has accumulated over the past 12 years regarding ISS hardware projects.
> The only way to correct the problem and fix the Amateur Radio educational program is to completely reorganization the current ARISS hardware structure.
> Under the new ARISS Closed Door policy, only selected members from AMSAT-NA are allowed to participate.
> This new policy has turned the once open ARISS into a closed door Monopoly controlled by the AMSAT Corporation.
> Based on the current actions of ARISS and their very poor performance with in-flight hardware I would like to propose a complete reorganization of the ARISS hardware process.
> Please review the enclosed information.
> I look forward to discussing the proposal with you are your earliest opportunity.
> Sincerely
> G. Miles Mann

Much snipped, we all know what was here!

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