[sarex] Getting a contact with the ISS

Tony, VK5ZAI hutch at electric-web.org
Tue Aug 11 17:07:53 PDT 2009

For those wanting a contact with the ISS, a sure way is to  apply 
through ARISS for a school contact. Why not encourage the next 
generation and introduce them to ham radio through a live linkup to the 
crew on the ISS.

Despite  some saying that the radio on the ISS is rarely switched on, 
this is far from the truth, just look at the number of ARISS contacts 
the crew has done this year. Anyone is welcome to introduce a school to 
the ARISS program, why not you!

It must be remembered that the ISS was not put up there just for ham 
activities, we are most fortunate that we have access to it at all. The 
crew on board  do a magnificent job with the ARISS contacts that they do 
by encouraging students to take an interest in science and introducing 
them to our hobby at the same time

Rather than sitting around and hoping  you may hear one of the crew call 
CQ, approach your local school and ask them if they would like to  apply 
for and ARISS contact. Get involved yourself and explain  what ARISS and 
ham radio is all about, you will find the experience most rewarding.

Regards Tony.  VK5ZAI

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