[sarex] Lets go back to simplex voice

Thomas McGrane n2oeq at aceweb.com
Mon Aug 10 09:17:16 PDT 2009

Greetings from pat n2oeq, long island new york

I never agreed with the use of different uplink frequencies for ISS 
phone operation. It only led to a lack of activity and simple 
regimented school contacts.

I just tried calling the space station on two meters hoping they were 
listening but, as usual, no answer.

We need a simple simplex frequency like years ago when the crew of the 
MIR or the ISS could just leave the radio on and answer as they pleased.
Many times in the past, I called according to the tracking program and 
received responses.

The old argument was that they wanted to operate split to avoid the 
confusion of a pileup. Well, I guess it worked because nobody talks any 

Please return to a simplex frequency so we can enjoy working the 
astronauts and cosmonauts again.

People shouldnt avoid chaos, they should adapt and embrace it and learn 
to operate. Out of chaos comes order.

I am extremely disappointed that the military has more say over these 
activities than the citizens who support both.

Time to change please.

War is easy and stupid, making peace is hard and productive.

Thank you, pat.

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