[sarex] Prime Minister speaking via ARISS to ISS

Tony, VK5ZAI hutch at electric-web.org
Thu Feb 19 19:34:14 PST 2009

The Chatham School in Taree NSW. Australia expects to be speaking with 
astronaut and ham, Mike Fincke,  KE5AIT on Wed,25.Feb at 07:31 UTC. The 
link-up will be telebridged via K6DUE at GSFC.
Craig, VK4SSB, will be coordinating the event which will take place at 
the studios of Radio 2RE. It's expected that the 38 radio stations 
belonging to the Super Radio Network  will cover the event the following 

The New Zealand Prime Minister, The Hon.John Key is also expected to be 
on line and  pass on his greetings to Mike from the Asia/Pacific region 
and to ask the first question.

The linkup will be fed live to the AMSAT Conference server on Echolink 
and also on node 9010 via IRLP.

Those in the Washington DC area should be able to hear the down-link 
direct on 145.800 MHz.

Regards Tony.  VK5ZAI

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