[sarex] Re: [ARISS-i] ARISS event - Humber College Institute of Technology & Higher Learning, Toronto, ON, Canada, Mon (Feb 02) at 17:34 UTC

Tom Clark, K3IO tom.k3io at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 22:38:16 PST 2009

Ken -- tonite's (Monday) CBC show "AS IT HAPPENS" had a nice ~6 minute
piece on the Humber College/VA3JUV contact with a very enthusiastic
Sandra Magnus (KE5FYE) on the ISS end. Here in the Balto/Wash area, AS
IT HAPPENS  is carried on WAMU (88.5).

To listen to the AIH audio, fetch 
http://www.cbc.ca/mrl3/8752/asithappens/20090202-aih-1.wmv  &  QSY to a
time ~16:50. The ISS audio is really great at ~21:30. ARISS is referred
to as an "offshoot of NASA" at ~18:40 and "ham radio" is said once.

73, Tom

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