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The antenna mentioned is a VHF/UHF system that will compliment the currently installed L/S combination.

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Carol Jackson schrieb:
> 7. ARISS International Team Meeting Held
> The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) team held its monthly teleconference on January 27. Among the agenda items discussed were the ARISS Face to Face Meeting to be held in the Netherlands in June, Richard Garriott's mission and SuitSat-2 status.  Minutes have been posted.  See:
> https://www.rac.ca/ariss/arisstel2009-01-27.htm

With interest I read always the results of your meetings. Herein I
can read the following:

6. New business

ARISS Columbus antennas - M. Severance.

The current plan is to get these antennas on the manifest for STS-129
for launch and installation on the Columbus module later this year.
Plans are in work to figure out which radio can be used in the module.
Mark Severance and Lou will distribute information to Graham and Gaston
regarding antenna fabrication, location and installation.

As we all knows, the L & S antennas for Columbus are mounted and the
module is at the station. Can you explain us above point 6 ? Thanks.

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