[sarex] Re: need info on orbitron auto doppler shift

Tim Tuck timt at skybase.net
Mon Jan 26 16:12:12 PST 2009

Tom wrote:
> I hve been working the ISS for some time now.  Manually tuning the up link
> and down link frequencies. I use orbitron and it works well for position.
> Has anyone interfaced orbitron to a TS-2000 so it automatically adjusts the
> doppler shift during the pass?  If you have any information or a link you
> can send me i appreciate it.  Does orbitron do this automatically or do i
> need to add some other software?
> Thanks, Tom W5KUB
Hi Tom,

If you have an interface cable between your computer and the TS2000 you 
are halfway there.

 For Orbitron to control the TS2000 you need an intermediate piece of 
software called WispDDE. you can get it here....


In WispDDE you set up a radio profile for the TS2000, Orbitron talks 
DDE, WispDDE listens and adjust the vfo's in your radio.

I currently use exactly this to control my IC910 and my TS850. I've also 
used it to control Kenwood TS711 and TS811 before I got the IC910. I 
also have ARS (  http://www.ea4tx.com/products/index.htm )listening to 
the DDE output of Orbitron to control my rotators thus leaving my hand 
free to write log entries etc...





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