[sarex] Uplink Correct?

Phil - w2lie w2lie at w2lie.net
Sat Jan 3 22:06:43 PST 2009

Wow, I just could not get into the bird tonight.  This is my first 
attempt to hit the ISS, but I have worked other birds via the 5w HT with 
a whip antenna...
I am running 50w on the 2m uplink 145.990 pl 67.0 and listening to the 
437.800 downlink with Doppler.

I'm not using any elaborate setup.. Kenwood TMV71A with just a Diamond 
X200NA on the roof. I would have thought I could have gotten in. I'm 
going to try and put EggBeaters on the roof this spring, but would think 
that the Diamond would have gotten me in?!?

I heard the bird come in loud tonight and was able to record the audio 
as I tried several times to put my call up. I was unable to hear myself 
on the downlink at all.
Its 28 degrees outside, so I wasn't playing with my HT.

If anyone wants audio, I have tonight's North American pass from approx 
0510z to 0520z on Jan 04, 2009 located here:

I'll be trying again tomorrow morning if I can get up for the 1142z pass

73 - Phil - w2lie

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