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David Barber david.barber at dbelectronics.co.uk
Mon Dec 22 01:39:50 PST 2008

Hi Darren

The fact that you have been able to repeat your findings prove that you are
clearly hearing something and interestingly today the data stream from the
packet shows a break between 06.08utc and 07.38utc which clearly spans the
time you report.

Yesterday packet was showing as active with a couple of VK stations passing
data at the same time as your report.  If the ISS equipment reports remain
correct then they cannot operate both modes at the same time.

On the IFC site you have said that you used an uplink frequency of
145.850MHz, is that a mistype?  The stated ISS uplink will be 145.990 which
even with Doppler is only across the range of 145.897 - 145.993, so 145.850
is well outside that range.

It's always difficult to be the first to post on a subject but don't worry
about that.

Keep listening and report what you hear.

I'm sure Kenneth or Frank will let us know in due course what has been going

BTW. 1200bps packet active over UK / Europe at 09.17utc. 145.825MHz.



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Hello to all.

Yesterday i posted to say that i heard the crossband repeater active
some other hams pointed out to me, that the ISS was active on packet at the
same time.

i also noticed that my signal report was removed from

There was another late night pass that i could prob have worked, but it was
during my sleep time :) so i didnt try then.

I have just tried again now, and found it to be active. 0640hr utc pass over

so what is the story?? i could hear myself.......... but only when the ISS
came into view... so it wasnt an operator error.

I understand that this mode is experimental, with 145.99 uplink and 437.800
This mode seems nice, as i dont need high power or big antennas to get in.

Can the equipment on board support both modes at the same time?
And is anyone interested in trying a qso with me on future passes?
next pass is low elevation for me (approx 15deg) so should be workable for a
little bit. due at 0820hrs UTC (thereabouts)

nothing much else usable till tommorrow, and i read Kenneth's notes about
the EVA, so it might be off soon anyway.

thank you all in advance.
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