[sarex] W5KWQ Audio/Visual 1101 UTC Oct 20 over SC

Al Lark kd4sff at juno.com
Tue Oct 21 18:10:41 PDT 2008

Richard Garriott again was operating like a seasoned DXer this morning during a "FANTASTIC AUDIO/VISUAL PASS" over Greenville, SC!!!

Heavens-above ISS visual pass, 21 Oct, Mag -0.5, Greenville, SC
7:03 EDT Start 10 degree SSW
7:06 EDT Max   33 degree SE
7:08 EDT Ends  10 degree ENE

It was a clear morning, so I got to work early at 7am to see a 34 degree visual pass.  I turned on the radio and Richard was on the air!

While watching for the pass I heard Richard faintly clear with another station.

I called:
Kilo Delta Four Sierra Foxtrot Foxtrot/Mobile from my work van.

He returned my call Kilo Delta Four Sierra Sierra Foxtrot/Mobile.

I quickly returned again correcting him:
Sugar Fox Fox, Sugar Fox Fox, your 5 by 9, QSL

He returned with my call corrected and said QSL!

I heard Richard also speak to:

M3CXP - Tom
WB2OQQ - Pete
N3JQ - (youngster)

I know your Father will be very proud your "Extreme Enthusiasm" of operating Ham Radio from Space!

A BIG THANKS from all of us!

Al - KD4 Space For Fun

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