[sarex] Re: Predict

Norm VK3XCI vk3xci at aanet.com.au
Sun Oct 19 01:56:02 PDT 2008

Well I beat it! seems that the install either didn't put the "dummy 
files " in, or put them someplace it couldn't find them. Anyway, a one 
line predict.tle in the home/.../.predict seems to fix it

Norm VK3XCI wrote:
> Hi all,
> Thought I'd give Predict a try, since gpredict regularly crashes. I get 
> the "welcome new user..." screen, followed by the QTH editing screen, 
> followed by an exit after I hit return on the Elevation input line. 
> Obviously remembers my data as it comes up with the new data as default 
> next time I start it.
> Bit stuck here as I can't get to the main menu.
> Any clues????

Regards de Norm, VK3XCI
Mildura on the Murray

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