[sarex] JOTA Voice qso with Richard Garriot

Eric van de Weyer eric at van-de-weyer.org
Sat Oct 18 06:35:53 PDT 2008

Hi All

This evening on the pass over Sydney at about 1040z we managed a short
contact with Richard on the ISS from our JOTA station VK2BV. It was a big
thrill for both the operators and the kids in attendance at the station at
the Waverley Amateur radio Society clubrooms.

We had previously heard SSTV a couple of passes earlier as well as the
subsequent one although it was only a few degrees above the horizon and not
a very good signal. 

On the earlier pass, at about 0908 we had a magnificent view of the ISS as
it flew overhead but no contact or anything heard. That was a 78 degree

73....Eric VK2VE.

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