[sarex] Addendum: Richard Garriott report: the first 3 days

Stan Vandiver w4sv at mistymountains.us
Thu Oct 16 18:32:08 PDT 2008

Hi again,

While sorting some SSTV audio out of the main files, I discovered Mike 
Finke making voice contacts _IN BETWEEN_ two SSTV transmissions.  How 
the heck that happened, I don't know... and I'm surprised that I found 
it at all, but it sure indicates that I might have missed some other 
stuff in my activity log.  If anyone thinks they made a contact and 
wants me to review my audio files at certain time marks, please let me 
know and I will do my best.

Mike Finke, using NA1SS, heard calling "AO" (alpha oscar) and K9SM, both 
at 1938Z on 15 October.

Stan W4SV
Hanna, IN

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