[sarex] Re: Addendum: Richard Garriott report: the first 3 days

Stan Vandiver w4sv at arrl.net
Fri Oct 17 10:09:11 PDT 2008

Hi Lou and all,

OK, possible... but sure confusing.  Might be hard for ground ops to
switch configurations between modes on a minute-by-minute basis. I pipe
audio directly into sound card for SSTV, but I use a microphone near an
external speaker (into the sound card) for voice activity, so it will
pick up my voice too if I am calling.

I'm also kind of surprised that ground ops are even calling on voice
when the SSTV is active.  Silly me.

Stan W4SV
Hanna, IN

Louis McFadin wrote:
> It is very possible. There is nothing to prohibit him from simply 
> picking up the mic and pressing the PTT and making a call in between 
> SSTV transmissions.
> Lou McFadin
> ARISS US Hardware manager
> On Oct 17, 2008, at 9:26 AM, Stan Vandiver wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> While sorting some SSTV audio out of the main files, I discovered Mike
>> Finke making voice contacts _IN BETWEEN_ two SSTV transmissions.  How
>> the heck that happened, I don't know... and I'm surprised that I found
>> it at all, but it sure indicates that I might have missed some other
>> stuff in my activity log.  If anyone thinks they made a contact and
>> wants me to review my audio files at certain time marks, please let me
>> know and I will do my best.
>> Mike Finke, using NA1SS, heard calling "AO" (alpha oscar) and K9SM, both
>> at 1938Z on 15 October.
>> 73,
>> Stan W4SV
>> Hanna, IN
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