[sarex] MarexMG recomendations for SSTV on ISS

MM ka1rrw at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 14 12:24:25 PDT 2008

The SpaceCam1 SSTV program has the ability to run 5 different flavors if SSTV imaging formats, including:
Robot-36, Robot-72, Scottie S1 and S2 and Martin M1

If the crew is using the system Manually, they may use any format they wish.  However if the SpaceCam1 automatic Slide show mode is used, we need to be concerned Thermal issues with the regarding transmitter.

We do not have convection cooling in space!
All electronics in ISS will run hotter than they would on Earth.
The Kenwood TM-D700 has not been modified to operate in Zero-G, without Convection cooling!

Therefore the official recommendations from MarexMG are the following:

Run the Slide Show mode at 5 minute intervals more.
Set the TX power output to Low or 5 watts.
Set the Image format for Robot-36! (reduce the duty cycle to 15%)
Do not run Unattended until we have established the stability of the VOX and set the Audio settings to prevent continuous carriers.
Record the temperature of the heat sink at the Antenna junction.


Miles WF1F, www.marexmg.org


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