[sarex] Re: SSTV ISS Uplink

James - KB7TBT kb7tbt at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 11:25:00 PDT 2008

Thank you for the reply.
I just wired a simple patch cable from my APRS radio spk jck to the line in 
on my #2 Soundcard. (I have 3)
I am located EM84 Lavonia, GA
I will leave MMSTV running 24/7.
I will cross my fingers.

NEGARC Activities Manager

> To prevent crew overload, the Uplink will not be published at this time.
> Schools are using Odd splits, etc.
> Uplink may not work at this time because of a last minute computer change.
> The SpaceCam1 software did not incorporate the Auto Sync software at the 
> time it was developed.  The Sync needs to be manually set for the Uplink 
> and Down link on SpaceCam1.
> As soon as we have the opportunity to test on a terrestrial version of 
> that computer we can figure out the Sync value and enter it into the ISS 
> computer.
> Any images set up to ISS today would not be usable.
> I am trying to work through the Red tape to arrange the test.
> Miles
> www.marexmg.org

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