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Wed Aug 27 12:13:37 PDT 2008

I  have copied and pasted the exact wording off of the school's application.  
 They spell it with an e. 
Charlie  Sufana AJ9N 
One  of the ARISS mentors 
Name: Schulehaus Feld 1     
Address: Reidholzstrasse. 2  
City:  Richterswil 
State, Province, Territory, mail  district: 
Zip or Postal Code:  8805 
Country: Switzerland 
In a message dated 8/27/2008 1:24:21 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
th.frey at vtxmail.ch writes:

Ransom,  Kenneth G. (JSC-OC)[BAR] schrieb:
> An International Space Station  Expedition 17 ARISS school contact has been 
planned with participants at  Schulehaus Feld 1 Richterswil, Switzerland on 
30 August. The event is  scheduled to begin at approximately 1353 UTC.
A little correction in German language: A house (Haus) with a  school
(Schule) is a "Schulhaus", without an "e" in  between.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen, Regards, 73
Thomas Frey,  HB9SKA

Thomas Frey, Holzgasse 2, CH-5242 Birr, Tel. + Fax: 056 444 93 41

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