[sarex] ISS Visible over NA this month

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Fri Apr 11 10:12:42 PDT 2008

ISS Amateur Radio Status: April 11, 2008

By Miles Mann WF1F,
MAREX-NA (Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North
American Division)

Hi all:
ISS Visible:
The ISS will be visible from New England  and most of
North America for the next two weeks in the Evening

Tonight Friday night, there is a good pass around 8pm

If you do not have a tracking program, please check
the NASA web pages for tracking and Visibility data. 
There have been several good reports of very bright
reflections from ISS.


>From this link you can enter you Country, State and

To see the ISS, find a dark hill.
Pick a Pass Minutes duration 3 minutes or greater,
such as Sunday April 6th at 7:46 pm.
The look North-North West at 7:46 pm.
The ISS will pop out of the horizon haze around the
posted time.  Then pass towards the North, eventually
going towards North East.

Boston passes

ISS	Fri Apr 04/08:37 PM	3	13	11 above NNW	11 above NE
ISS	Sat Apr 05/08:59 PM	2	18	12 above NNW	18 above NNE
ISS	Sun Apr 06/07:46 PM	3	13	10 above NNW	11 above NE
ISS	Sun Apr 06/09:21 PM	< 1	22	18 above NNW	22 above
ISS	Mon Apr 07/08:07 PM	4	18	10 above NNW	10 above ENE
ISS	Tue Apr 08/08:30 PM	3	31	18 above NNW	23 above ENE
ISS	Wed Apr 09/08:52 PM	1	82	33 above NW	72 above E
ISS	Thu Apr 10/09:13 PM	1	27	17 above W	27 above WSW
ISS	Fri Apr 11/08:00 PM	4	76	33 above NW	12 above ESE
ISS	Sat Apr 12/08:22 PM	3	32	25 above W	13 above SSE


73 Miles WF1F MAREX-NA

Until we meet again


--- W6MU <w6mu at comcast.net> wrote:

> There was a visible pass of the ISS this morning
> over northern 
> California. It first became visible at about 50
> degrees elevation 
> looking to the south.   It was a descending pass
> from the NW to the SE.
> The photograph is here:
> http://tjb.smugmug.com/photos/268828895_VC29r-O.jpg
> It was not the most ideal night time photography
> conditions with a full 
> moon on the right at about 25 degrees elevation, 
> the  glow in the lower 
> left is from the city lights of the San Francisco
> bay area 30 miles to 
> the south.   Even though I had the SLR mirror locked
> up, and I was using 
> a cable shutter release, the tripod I used is not
> stable enough for this 
> type of long exposure.   
> 73s
> Tim w6mu
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