[sarex] Found EchoLink audio feed help

Dieter Schliemann kx4y at amsat.org
Thu Mar 13 10:59:27 PDT 2008

Hi all

I very much appreciate the offers I got for help with audio feeds into 
EchoLink in May.  Gaston Bertels was the very first one to respond.  I will 
be pleased working with Gaston on this, especially where it was Gaston who 
came up with the idea of using Skype for audio feeds to begin with.

Thanks to all who also offered to help with these audio feeds.  Perhaps we 
need more help later on, but I believe that we'll be all set again after 
May to do the audio feeds with the team members we have right now.  But, it 
never hurts to know that there is help available if needed.

Thanks and 73, de Dieter kx4y

Dieter Schliemann kx4y
Team member, ARISS contact audio feeds into EchoLink

Phone:  (256) 259-3900
Skype:  zs6bbh
IRLP:    4713

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