[sarex] Received SUITSAT recognition & recommemorative certificates!

Cor spacecor at hetnet.nl
Fri Feb 15 13:58:14 PST 2008

Hello All,

Today I have received a special SUITSAT recognition certificate.
And a few days earlier I have received a recommemorative certificate.
Photos of these certificates are shown on my website:

During the SUITSAT event (in 2006) I had designed an SUITSAT information
page: http://iss.ontwikkel.nl/suitsat.html
It was a suprice to see that there was so much intrest for
this event, after the suitsat launch 900 people visited my page at
the first day of the event.

A special thanks to the whole ARISS team for the beautiful certificates.
Carol Jackson (KB3LKI) thanks for sending the recognition certificate.
Christophe Candebat (F1MOJ) thanks for sending the commemorative certificate. 

73's Cor PD0RKC

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