[sarex] TV on ISS

Tony VK5ZAI hutch at electric-web.org
Tue Dec 4 16:43:49 PST 2007

The SERG (South East Radio Group)  http://serg.mountgambier.org/   in Mt 
Gambier have been experimenting with TV on 1250 MHz  and we have found 
that old B-MAC  Satellite receivers without the LNB make excellent 
receivers for ham TV. There must be a lot of these receivers in junk 
boxes and provided they can  be adapted to follow the doppler shift 
could be used for  receiving TV from the ISS on 1250 MHz. in the future. 
We now have a 1250 MHz antenna installed on the Columbus module which 
will soon be launched.  Just a thought!!!

Regards Tony.  VK5ZAI

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