[sarex] Arthur Z. Rowe, N1ORZ Silent Key

MM ka1rrw at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 8 17:28:54 PST 2007

Arthur Z. Rowe, N1ORZ Silent Key

On or about Tuesday November 6 2007, Arthur Z. Rowe
became a Silent Key.

Many of you may know Arthur from his email postings on
space related topics on the Amsat and Sarex bulletin
boards.  Arthur was a good friend and an avid manned
space station enthusiast.  He was well known by many
of the Mir and ISS ham crews.

When I became too busy to post the Marex news, Arthur
stepped right in with his own new items to keep us
informed.  His last Sarex message was posted the day
before he became a silent key.

Subject: [sarex] Discovery Undocks From Space Station
From: Arthur Rowe <azrowe80 at xxxxxxxxxxx> Date: Mon, 05
Nov 2007 08:47:27 -0500 

He will be missed.  
Bon Voyage, Set course for the first star to the left,
then straight on till morning.

73 de WF1F

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