[sarex] Exp 15 sets new school contact record

Ransom, Kenneth G. (JSC-OC)[BAR] kenneth.g.ransom at nasa.gov
Wed Oct 10 11:56:00 PDT 2007

Today, beginning about 1832 UTC, students at the Isummasaqvik School in
Quaqtag, QC Canada successfully contacted Clay Anderson on the ISS. Clay
answered all 20 questions prepared plus 2 more before the ISS went out
of range of the ARISS volunteer ground station (ON4ISS) in Belgium. This
marked the 39th school contact for a member of the Expedition 15 crew
and surpasses the previous record of 38 set by Expedition 12.
Contributors to the Exp. 15 record include Sunita Williams, Fyodor
Yurchikhin and Clay Anderson.

Kenneth - N5VHO

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