[sarex] STS-120 Astronauts Practice for Launch

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*Astronauts Practice for Launch
10 OCTOBER 2007 *

Members of the STS-120 crew began their full launch dress rehearsal this 
morning, boarding space shuttle Discovery for a simulated countdown. The 
rehearsal caps three days of exercises and training at NASA's Kennedy 
Space Center in Florida.

STS-120 Pilot George Zamka and Mission Specialist Scott ParazynskiImage 
Above: STS-120 Pilot George Zamka (left) and Mission Specialist Scott 
Parazynski prepare to enter space shuttle Discovery from the White Room 
at Launch Pad 39A. Image credit: NASA TV

"It should be a really exciting mission," Commander Pam Melroy told 
reporters gathered on Tuesdsay. "But I think one of the most exciting 
parts of it is the fact that we're going to be getting ready to open the 
gateway to international laboratories. So we're very proud of our part 
in building the International Space Station."

The crew will deliver the Italian-built U.S. Harmony module, which will 
serve as the future connecting point between the U.S. Destiny lab, the 
European Space Agency's Columbus module and the Japanese Kibo module.

When the launch rehearsal concludes today, the astronauts will return to 
their home base in Houston to complete their final preparations for the 
targeted launch of Discovery on Oct. 23.

*Mission Information*
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+ Harmony Node 2 

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