[sarex] STS-120 Crew to Deliver Harmony

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Sat Sep 1 03:55:14 PDT 2007


*STS-120 Crew to Deliver Harmony*

STS-120 crew with Harmony module.
Image above: Inside the Space Station Processing Facility at NASA's 
Kennedy Space Center in Florida, STS-120 crew members familiarize 
themselves with Harmony in preparation for their mission to deliver the 
module to the International Space Station. From left are Mission 
Specialist Scott Parazynski, Commander Pam Melroy and Mission Specialist 
Stephanie Wilson. Image credit: NASA/Kim Shifflet
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*Discovery Remains on Target for October*
Even with the work in progress on the external tank, the STS-120 launch 
remains targeted for Oct. 23. Since the schedule leading to Discovery's 
liftoff contains about five extra days, mission managers believe it 
provides enough room to make the changes and still launch on time.

The preparation of Discovery continues in the Orbiter Processing 
Facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In the nearby 
Vehicle Assembly Building, stacking and closeout of the solid rocket 
boosters are finished. Pending completion of foam repair work on the 
external tank’s liquid oxygen feedline support brackets, attachment of 
the tank to the boosters is targeted for Sept. 5.

*Mission Information*
+ STS-120 Mission Overview 
+ Harmony Node 2 
+ Space Shuttle Discovery 

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