[sarex] Crew Members Flex Robotic Arms to Install Stowage Platform

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Tue Aug 14 10:32:36 PDT 2007


*Crew Members Flex Robotic Arms to Install Stowage Platform*

ISS015-E-22166 : Barbara Morgan Image above: Mission Specialist Barbara 
R. Morgan smiles for a photo near the aft flight deck of Space Shuttle 
Endeavour. Image: NASA - TO VIEW IMAGE GO 

With the use of Canadian-built robotic arms, STS-118 astronauts 
installed a new stowage platform on the exterior of the International 
Space Station.

External stowage platform-3 (ESP-3) is the third of its kind to be 
installed on the station. The first two, however, were attached during 
spacewalks on previous missions. The stowage platforms are used to hold 
spacewalk tools and spare equipment.

Mission Specialists Tracy Caldwell and Barbara Morgan used Space Shuttle 
Endeavour’s robot arm to lift ESP-3 out of the payload bay and to hand 
it off to the station arm. STS-118 Pilot Charles Hobaugh and Expedition 
15 Flight Engineer Clay Anderson used the station arm to attach the 
platform to the station’s Port 3 truss segment.

Inside the shuttle/station complex, cargo transfers between the two 
spacecraft continue. Also on tap for today are preparations for 
STS-118’s third spacewalk scheduled for Wednesday.

The crew began the day at 6:07 a.m. with a wakeup call wishing Caldwell 
happy birthday.

Animations: + External Stowage 3 (ESP-3) Overview 
| + ESP-3 Installation 

*Mission Management Team Update*

Mission managers have determined that damage to a small section of 
Endeavour’s heat shield poses no threat to crew safety or mission 
operations. However, they are discussing options for possible repair 
work that would ensure preparations on the ground for Endeavour’s next 
flight will go more smoothly. The damage occurred during the climb to 
orbit on Aug. 8.

+ View video of tile damage 


Morgan and Williams will take time out of their schedule at 2:01 p.m. to 
field questions from ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and Fox.

Then at 5:09 p.m., Morgan, Anderson and Mission Specialists Dave 
Williams and Alvin Drew will participate in an education event with 
students at the Discovery Center of Idaho in Boise.

Both events will be aired live on NASA TV.

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