[sarex] Mastracchio, Williams Install New Station CMG

Arthur Rowe azrowe80 at verizon.net
Mon Aug 13 13:08:43 PDT 2007


> *Mastracchio, Williams Install New Station CMG *
> Rick Mastracchio removes failed CMGImage above: Astronaut Rick 
> Mastracchio holds the failed control moment gyro shortly after its 
> removal from the Z1 truss. Image: NASA TV
> STS-118 spacewalkers Dave Williams and Rick Mastracchio installed a 
> new control moment gyroscope (CMG) into the International Space 
> Station’s Z1 truss. They will secure the faulty CMG and equipment 
> before wrapping up the excursion.
> The new CMG replaced a faulty gyroscope, which was removed during the 
> first half of the spacewalk. The failed gyro will remain at its 
> temporary stowage location on the station’s exterior before it is 
> returned to Earth on a later shuttle mission. The new gyroscope is one 
> of four CMGs that are used to control the station’s attitude in orbit.
> The excursion began 11:32 a.m. EDT. Mission Specialist Tracy Caldwell 
> is serving as the spacewalk coordinator, and STS-118 Pilot Charles 
> Hobaugh and Expedition 15 Flight Engineer Clay Anderson are operating 
> the station’s robotic arm. The spacewalk is scheduled to wrap up about 
> 6 p.m.
> Meanwhile, crew members are transferring cargo between Endeavour and 
> the station. Experts on the ground continue to analyze imagery 
> collected Sunday during the STS-118 crew’s focused inspection of five 
> areas of concern on the Endeavour’s heat shield. 

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