[sarex] Your ARISS Call Today

Miriam Lytle mlytle at gailborden.info
Wed Jul 25 11:56:43 PDT 2007

Dear Greg and John,
Again, thank you so much for coming to Gail Borden and explaining ARISS in
detail. We met with John Fleener yesterday, who will be working with us to
video tape and get the event streamed live from our library website. Yes, he
wants to document the antenna installation. 

Denise and the library director are on their way to the Mayor's office this
afternoon to petition for a cable TV hook up, so the ISS contact could be
live on cable TV simultaneously. 

Per your request for your phone call today, here are the numbers of schools
K-12 in our library district:
Public: 23 Elementary, 6 Middle, 3 High
Private: 13 K-8, 4 High
Total: 49 K-12 schools, and does not include any daycares, preschools, or
home school organizations 

We are already in the process of working with schools to have the room
filled with school children. We are working on the PR to draw questions from
children throughout our library district. We will have those ready for you
by Wed. August 15.

Please note that I will be out of town from Sunday, July 29-Aug 13. I will
check email when I can get a connection from Isle Royale and the North
woods. Denise will be out of the office from Friday, July 27-Monday, Aug. 6,
but should be able to pick up email. 


Miriam Lytle
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& Program Coordinator
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