[sarex] Station Crew Completes Successful Spacewalk

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*Station Crew Completes Successful Spacewalk*
Expedition 15 spacewalk
Image above: Flight Engineer Clay Anderson, at the end of the station's 
robotic arm,
jettisons the Early Ammonia Servicer. Image credit: NASA TV


Two International Space Station crew members Monday successfully wrapped 
up a 7-hour, 41-minute spacewalk that saw the removal and jettison of a 
refrigerator-size ammonia reservoir.

During the spacewalk Flight Engineer Clay Anderson and Commander Fyodor 
Yurchikhin also installed a television camera stanchion, reconfigured a 
power supply for an antenna assembly, and performed several get-ahead 

Riding on the end of the space station's robotic arm maneuvered by 
Flight Engineer Oleg Kotov, Anderson jettisoned the Early Ammonia 
Servicer (EAS) by shoving it opposite of the station's direction of travel.

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After the spacewalk, the docked Progress 25 cargo craft will fire its 
thrusters raising the International Space Station’s orbit. This reboost, 
along with a reboost performed Friday, provides the proper phasing for 
an upcoming Progress 26 launch and docking. Monday's Progress firing 
also clears the station after the EAS is jettisoned and provides flight 
day three rendezvous opportunities when space shuttle Endeavour arrives 
on mission STS-118.

The Progress 24 cargo craft will undock from the Pirs docking 
compartment on Aug. 1 and burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Progress 26 
is scheduled for launch on Aug. 2 and will reach the station on Aug. 5. 
Two days later on Aug. 7, space shuttle Endeavour is targeted for launch 
with a station rendezvous and docking planned for Aug. 9.

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