[sarex] Oxygen Generation System Producing Oxygen

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*Oxygen Generation System Producing Oxygen*

ISS015-E-15680 --- Clay Anderson with a spacesuit in the Quest Airlock 
of the ISS
image above: Astronaut Clay Anderson, Expedition 15 flight engineer,
 poses with an Extravehicular Mobility Unit spacesuit in the Quest 
Airlock of the International Space Station. Image credit: NASA TO VIEW 

The U.S. Oxygen Generation System (OGS) is up and running and producing 
oxygen. After a day of fits and starts with the new system Thursday, 
environmental systems officers spent Thursday night resetting software 
system limits on fluid flow and sensor readings that caused multiple 
shutdowns of the OGS Thursday. Perseverance paid off Friday morning when 
the ECLSS console reported that the OGS had passed all of its tests and 
was producing oxygen as planned. The OGS is running in a "test mode." It 
is expected to be shut off over the weekend. Flight controllers plan to 
turn the OGS on periodically, probably once a month, until the point two 
years from now when it will be turned on to support a six-person crew.

The crew is also continuing preparations for the spacewalk on July 23 by 
Flight Engineer Clay Anderson and Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin.

The three crew members performed calf volume and body mass measurements. 
These tests provide a rough index of body deconditioning in zero-gravity 
and the effectiveness of countermeasures.

An error condition in the EarthKAM camera required early termination of 
the current session.

Yurchikhin continued work on the Russian computers, while Flight 
Engineer Oleg Kotov continued gathering and transferring excess 
equipment and trash to the ISS Progress 24.

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