[sarex] Oxygen Generation System Activation Continues

Arthur Rowe azrowe80 at verizon.net
Thu Jul 12 13:42:28 PDT 2007


*Oxygen Generation System Activation Continues*

  Image above: The International Space Station moves away from
Space Shuttle Atlantis on June 19, 2007. Image credit: NASA



Flight Engineer Clay Anderson this morning activated the Oxygen 
Generation System (OGS) in the U.S. Lab for a test drive of the new 
system. The system, which will augment the ability to produce oxygen for 
the complex from the Russian Elektron system, will be vital in its 
future support of a six-person crew beginning in the spring of 2009. 
After operating normally, with good pump, fan and water flow readings, 
the system shut down. Ground controllers are troubleshooting the reason 
for the shutdown as they continue to work out the minor growing pains 
with the fledgling system.

The station residents continued packing discarded items in the ISS 
Progress 24 cargo craft that will be cast off on Aug. 1. With all trash 
gathered and stowed from the U.S. side, Flight Engineer Oleg Kotov 
collected and stowed the Russian segment excess hardware and waste. The 
jettison of the craft will make room at the Pirs Docking Compartment for 
the arrival of the new ISS Progress 26 resupply vehicle on Aug. 5.

The crew also participated in an educational event at Johnson Space 
Center Wednesday. The event was by and for Texas Aerospace Scholars, 
Clear Lake High School students, interns, co-ops, and STS-118 crew 
members Scott Kelly, Barbara Morgan and David Williams.

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